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Editing & Tempo Changes

Need a different arrangement of one of our tracks?


As long as our recording can be edited to your specifications, this can be done for a fee starting at $10.  As this process can sometimes be complicated, please  contact us with a description of the arrangement you would like and we will send you a quote.


Need a different tempo?

The tempos of our tracks are recorded per the original artist listed next to the title.  If you have GarageBand, Audacity, or another sound editing program, you can perform these changes yourself. For information on how, click this link.   If you would like for us to do it for you, there is $10 fee in addition to the cost of the track.  

To receive a custom tempo change, state the exact tempo you would like in beats per minute (BPM) in the "Order Notes".  If you have already purchased the track you may email us with your order number and BPM information.  Don't forget to include the key in which you would like the bass with your tempo change information. Please allow 1-24 hours and the track will be emailed to you.  Tempo changed tracks will be produced within 1% of the requested BPM.

All subsequent tempo changes to the same track require a separate payment.  Please be exact when giving us your information.

Use this handy app to figure out the BPM.  First, click inside the blue box, then start tapping any key on your keyboard:

(IF you can't see the tempo app embedded below this text, click in the area below and it will appear in a new window.)

 NOTE: Please order carefully as there are no free re-dos for any of the above.  Thank you.