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What Our Customers Say About Us

"Finding was like finding gold. Perfect product, perfect customer service. Many, many thanks." Pete Leinbach - Great Falls, VA
I can't express enough how much I appreciate what you do and the professionalism in which you do business. Thank you so much!!! Charlie Belt, Memphis, TN
"Your backing tracks are by far the best I have ever heard...and everyone thinks I have the original drum and bass playing." Mark Loy - Massillon, OH

"After playing in 3 and 4-piece bands I find more enjoyment playing along with your backing tracks. The drums are crisp and clear and don’t sound like a machine. Thank you for this service!" Kenny Krellin - Orlando, FL

"I love your work. You are by far the best drummer I have played with and I have been playing over 30 years.Your service is more than worth the price!" Gary Britten - Monroe, NJ

"With the all the great professional drummers out there, I'm not sure many have the ear and technical expertise it takes to capture the nuance and sound with such precision across such a wide spectrum of musical genres the way you do."  William Wheeless - Fort Worth, TX

"I'm really enjoying the tracks so far and will definitely be a customer for some time to come. This service has saved countless agonizing hours trying to create and record instruments I don't really play. The bonus is I think it has caused my band mates to up their game a little bit when they heard how tight the sound should be." Brian English - BC, Canada

"Just want to say thanks again for your service, it's a very cool idea. I was really getting discouraged trying to hook up with musicians around here where I live....the "dead sea" of decent musicians. Working nightshift and weekends for 26 years kind of put a crimp in my playing out and meeting people. But now I have the time to do something again and your product is just what I was looking for." John Whitaker - Oxford, GA

"Your tracks are head and shoulders above any others available. Everything about the tracks is stellar, but the most obvious difference, Jim... is your playing. Anyone can record drums, but they just don't end up sounding like your recordings, and I have to assume it's because you put a lot of time and care into them. For musicians who've never played with a really good drummer they just don't know what they're missing; it makes everything so much easier. I appreciate your hands-on approach to the way you do your business, and the fact that you don't put yourself above those of us who are buying your tracks, you seem to get right down in the trenches with us. Thanks again." Rocky Pierello - St. Louis, MO

"I'm 59 years old and have played guitar since I was in the 4th grade. Years ago I played for a living 5 or 6 nights a week in clubs, hotels etc. I'm from New Orleans and did a lot of playing in the French Quarter, Bourbon Street, etc. where there are very talented musicians. Now, I want the sound of a band but not the hassles of dealing with the schedules and desires of numerous other people. That's where you come in. I've found a couple of other companies that offer backing tracks, but they're missing something, not musically so much, but desire to help. Just a money-making gig to them. It means a lot to have someone run a business like you run yours. You seem to take an interest in your customers and their needs. This is not only great business sense, but people feel it. It makes them feel comfortable. Having professional tracks to work with, gives me a new spark. Your tracks are giving me a better shot at accomplishing this than any other product out there.Thanks again." Durel Yates - Slidell, LA

"I have received the rush ordered tracks, and they are both awesome! Great sound, and the endings are perfect! We are used to midi tracks so this was a whole new experience! I also appreciate that you made the "count-in" so easy, so there is never any doubt where to begin. I have had some useless backing tracks with either a bad intro or total silence with no reference in the parts with no rhythm. Another great thing was to split the bass and drums into two separate channels to control them individually. We are definitively buying our backing tracks from you from now on. Thanks again for your great work! :-) Johnny Skarpeid - Kristiansand, Norway

"Even though I spent months putting together sequences of songs with all of the parts meticulously recreated, they just don’t compare to having the real drummer/bass player sound that you provide. Even on songs where the original recordings had synth / keyboard sounds, whatever is not there is not missed. It's amazing how much better it all sounds with your tracks. I am now replacing all of mine with yours." D. Kamide, Orlando, FL

"My buddy and I are having a great time with your backing tracks. I play them through my new PA and have a blast. I’m a fairly new guitar player over the last 2 years and you can’t believe how much this has helped me." Larry Lee - Atlanta, GA

"I've been playing guitar and singing for 2 1/2 years. My guitar teacher suggested I practice by playing along to your tracks because I hate playing to a metronome LOL. Only problem is, this has spoiled me cuz now I notice that the drummer in my band sux! Also wanted to say that you guys are very friendly & helpful. And thanks for helping me figure out that my speakers weren't plugged all the way in to my computer jack (duh). Thanks and Rock On! Christopher Baltz - Hope, AR

"Your drumming is of world-class playing. The bass sits tightly in the groove and the fusion between it and the drums provides that energy impossible to emulate with midi files. When you put these tracks through a PA with a bass bin you can feel the air moving; step outside the room and you would swear there was a 'live' band in there. Your work is fantastic and reasonably priced. Also, you are very helpful. Thanks Jim, I wish you every success." Eunan O’Boyle - Ireland

"I have been creating backing tracks for my personal duos and trios for 20 years and I have always laughed at the quality of what others sell. I purchased a track from you and I was blown away! The quality and dynamic feel is heaven sent." Jerry Bonanno - Hemet, CA

"Hi Jim, I received my drum tracks today and put them onto my MP3 player, took it to my rehearsal room and played along for an hour and thoroughly enjoyed myself, thank you. I also teach guitar here in the UK and I find the tracks a great help for my students." Andy McWilliam - Harlow, Essex, United Kingdom

"You've made all these songs easy to play along with because of subtle timing sounds (closed high hat, etc) that MIDI tunes don't give you. I'd have to manually enter those things in through Cakewalk with other tracks I have purchased. And although the pro quality MIDI tunes sound good (as opposed to the freebies that sound like ****), the sound is still no match for your tracks. Well done." Mike Bevan - Dayton, OH

"The effort to detail and your eagerness to deliver a great product is evident in the results." David Williams - Jacksonville, FL

"Your attention to detail regarding customer service is only rivaled by the same kind of detail in your tracks. There is obviously a lot of work and pride involved in creating these tracks and it shows in the precision of every hit, roll and kick - making them sound just like the original recordings. Please keep doing what you do." Bruce Wheeless - Fort Worth , TX

"To think how I used to sit for hours on the T3 and sequence all these drum parts myself (pretty time-consuming stuff). PS When the hell do you sleep!!!???" Jody Hudson - Orlando, FL

"Your diligence and service has been nothing short of top notch. Great response time is a rarity today and I deeply respect your attention and care in getting back to me with everything. All of that, however, would be worthless if the tracks didn't cut it. But EVERYTHING you have sent is spot on and absolutely at the highest level. I am thrilled with the results." Jim Davignon - Medfield, MA

"When I started looking for tracks, I ordered from a bunch of places and yours are by far the best and easiest to work with. Many of your competitors tracks sounded really nice when I listened to them….but that was the problem. The tracks stood on their own, as music, independent of what I was playing." Pleasure Fontaine - Hollywood, CA

"Hello Jim, I want to thank you so much for the 50 tracks that I have purchased from you in the past year. I used to play in a 60's band with 4 other members but never alone. Over the years I have tried to get a small band together to go out and play mostly for fun, food, and drink, but there were always schedule conflicts and all of the other problems associated with bands and it never worked out. I had all but given up on the idea when I stumbled on to your web site. As music goes, it's the best thing that has ever happened to me. To make things even better I use a Digitech Live 4 Vocal Processor that gives me up to four part harmonies. I also use a Boss loop pedal to have the rhythm guitar backing when I play some lead parts. From the bottom of my heart I can't thank you enough. I feel young again and now my wife can't complain to me about wanting me to sell all of the musical equipment I have stored in my room for all these years!" Tom Sandlin - Toledo, OH

"Hi Jim, I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the drum & bass tracks! Not only are they super fun to play along with but I have increased my playing ability 10-fold in just a short amount of time. The tracks enable you to learn at a much faster rate...I just love it! And now I have a band that is always on time, without drama and always plays it perfectly! Thanks for a great product." John Flynt - Sun Valley, ID

"I make a living in Europe from playing covers (as well as my own songs). Jim has been 'my drummer' in my solo and duo shows since 2007 and still has the gig to this day! He is also associated with some fine bass players." Rick Derman, Germany