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Requests - Pre-Orders and Rush Orders

All tracks are recorded based on pre-orders and rush orders.

(5)  pre-orders are required from (5) different verified* customers of this site for a song to go into production.  Please note that requests that either won't be popular on our site or have difficulty licensing will only be available by rush order (see below).

To request a pre-order of a popular song**:

1. Contact us with the words “REQUEST / PRE-ORDER” in the subject header.
2. State the EXACT title of the song and the songwriter(s) names found at Wikipedia or or on. (Please do not list only the band's name but the actual first and last name(s) of the songwriter(s).
3. Copy and paste the YouTube URL of the version you would like in the body of the message. 
4. Confirm that you would like to receive a Paypal invoice to start pre-orders for this song.

Once your Paypal payment is received, we will list the title on our pre-order page with a (1) next to it.  When others order it, the number will increase until (5) paid pre-orders are received. Once the track is recorded and mixed, a copy will be emailed to you.

NOTE: If your paid pre-order does not get produced within 30-days and only has (1) pre-order (yours), you may choose another track from our catalog.  There are no refunds.  If there is another pre-order for that track there are no exchanges.  Pre-orders do not expire and do not require extension requests.  Unpaid pre-orders that are saved to your cart do not count towards the pre-ordered amount required. 

* Verified customers have been registered on this site for more than (6) months and have purchased over $50 in tracks or services.
** Recording "popular songs" is our goal.  If the songs wasn't a big hit but everyone wants to play along with a backing track of it that counts too. Please understand that if a song you are requesting is not popular among our users that the only way it can be recorded is by rush order (see below).

1. Contact us with the words “RUSH ORDER” in the subject header.
2. Paste the YouTube URL of the version you would like in the body of the message.
3. Include the songwriter(s) names found at  

You will receive a quote within 24-96 hours.  Upon approval you will receive a Paypal invoice. Production and delivery time is usually 4-10 business days, sometimes longer depending on schedule.

Rush order fees start at $165.  Advance payment in full is required.

Contact us 
if you have pre-ordered a song that you would like to upgrade to a rush order.  The quote will be based on the rush order fee minus the pre-orders it has received so far.


All "pre-order" and "rush order" tracks are for your non-exclusive use and all terms of the User Agreement apply. There are no cash credits for pre-ordered songs - only exchanges in the form of existing tracks from the catalog per the rules above. Duplicate orders from the same Paypal customer for a pre-ordered title do not count towards the (5) required (pre-orders must be from 5 different users) to put a song into production.  Duplicate orders are non-refundable (please check your previous orders before placing your pre-order) but can be applied to a rush order.  Multi-song discounts are available for pre-orders but not for rush orders or custom work.  Requests for live versions of songs in the 6-12 minute range will be edited per our discretion for the ease of play-ability.