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"Victoria Vox"

From Costa Mesa, CA

 Victoria Vox is an artist that we found on Pandora 2 years ago at Christmastime.  She has an angelic voice and is an amazing songwriter who happens to have written a Christmas song which in our opinion should be a Christmas standard.  For this reason, we have recorded a drum and bass backing track of her song, "It's Christmas" and have it on special this month (with no extra charge if you require the bass in a different key.)
Please click her video above, visit her website at, and read more about her on Wikipedia. 
If you believe in this fine musician like we do then please visit her online store and/or
contribute to her on Patreon - a way to help support the artists that you love!

Merry Christmas
Jim McCarty, Randy Landas, Dave Batti and Alan O'Harra - the team.

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