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"Two Dollar Cover"

From Durham, North Carolina

 Two Dollar Cover is a cover band based in Durham, NC.

Who doesn’t dream of being in a band playing songs that people love?  You can do it if you have the passion and are willing to put in the time.  In our band, we’re all late starters to playing music and performing.  We stuck with it and now we’re having a great time reaping the rewards.

Our first task was learning a couple songs to perform when the band at our local club took a break.  As we worked on our craft around our daytime jobs we found it hard to find time to practice together.  We decided trying to find a bass player and drummer at this stage would make things even more difficult.  Then we found Jim’s tracks that made it possible for us to have a full band sound without adding 2 more players who by the way are the best players in our band!  These guys always know their parts and are always available to practice!

We now play over 50 songs from and we’re starting to find work playing parties and small clubs.  We may look to adding live players down the road but we couldn’t be happier to keep Jim and Randy/Dave in the band until the time is right.

We’ve got a lot to learn, but are having a good time helping others to have a good time.

If it weren’t for Jim and his outstanding tracks and friendly customer service we’d still be exclusively playing guitar on the couch (and singing in the shower!)  Thanks!
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To be considered for Featured Performer:

1. Create a video using (3) different tracks from

2. Edit the video to be no more than 3-4 minutes long.

3. Upload it to your YouTube channel making sure to state in the description that the backing tracks used in this video are from

4. Send us your YouTube link and we will contact you.

If chosen you will be asked to provide a short write-up about yourself, your musical history, and how our tracks are useful to you.  If you have a website or songs on iTunes, please let us know so that we can mention those as well.