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Need it in a Different Key?

Key changes can be made to the bass to fit your vocal range for an addition $4 (after purchasing the track).  Please see this page to order:

Because of the drums-left, bass-right mix, digital transpositions of the bass are
possible and do not affect the sound of the drums. 

You may also do them on your own following the instructions found here.


Please allow extra time for key changes as this is not an automated process.  You will receive the key-changed version by email within 96 hours.

If you have previously purchased a song and it is available in our catalog in a different key, you may request a free version by emailing us the following information:

1. Your order number
2. The key you prefer

If you are requesting a song that has a modulation in the arrangement but want your requested key-change without the modulation there is a $15 fee.


In case you are not sure what key you play a song in, try using a sheet music website such as