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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the drums mixed left and bass mixed right? 
- If a key change is required, it won't affect the sound of the drums.
- If you add a bass player or drummer, the bass side can be muted or the drum side can be used as a click track for a drummer. 
- Full control of the mix.  
- Because that's they way we've always done it.  ;)

Trouble downloading?  Please download from the links in the auto-generated email:
a.) For PC, right click each song download link and choose "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As...".
b.) For Mac, hold down the Control button, single-click the mouse on the song link, then on the drop-down menu choose "Save Link As" or "Download Linked File As"
c.) For iPad or iPhone - it is recommended that you DO NOT download onto an iPad or iPhone but instead onto a PC or Mac computer first before sync'ing to your Apple product or Smart Phone.
IMPORTANT: Saving or opening the tracks directly in iTunes may not save the files to your hard drive. Please make sure to download each .mp3 into a recognizable folder before opening them up in iTunes.

Are these tracks from the original master recordings? No. Even though they sound like it, they are our own recordings that follow the exact arrangements and parts from the original recordings. 

Are these tracks recorded in the original key? Yes.  Digitally transposed versions are  marked as follows:  Song Title_(Ab).mp3

Are they midi or sequenced?  No, just the real thing.  Think Christina Hendricks instead of Pamela Anderson...

Why only Drums and Bass?  So that you can be heard - instead of a fully produced backing track.

Need a different tempo?  Click here

Need a different arrangement?  Click here

My hard drive crashed and I lost all tracks I've purchased from you.  What can be done?  First, PLEASE back up your tracks after purchasing.  If your order was placed after May 1st, 2014, please send us the order numbers and we will reset your downloads at no charge.  If your order was placed prior to May 1st, 2014, please note that there is a $1 service fee per track to look up your orders and email each track to you.  Click here to make this payment.  Service fee waived if placing a new order of $40 or more.  Once again, PLEASE back up your tracks after purchasing.

Do you offer "centered mixes" with stereo drums and mono bass mixed in the middle? Yes, click here to special order.  Because of varying opinions of how loud the bass should be in a centered mix, we have always mixed our tracks as "drums/left and bass/right". Another option is to purchase both the drum and bass version AND the stereo drum version to mix it yourself.

Are these tracks recorded at the tempos of the original releases? 
Yes, we always record at the tempos of the original from the artist listed.  98% of our tracks were recorded using a click track, 2% were recorded using the original recording as a guide track. You may inquire about the BPM of a track in our catalog by clicking here.   

I don't see a "drums only" option for a particular title? Please contact us and we will let you know if it is available.

Can I pay using my credit card?  Only as a Paypal "guest" (account sign up not required)  After clicking the "Checkout" button, choose "Pay At Paypal", then look for the words "Don't have a Paypal Account?" (see below)

You will then be able to enter in your credit card information without having a Paypal Account.  Please keep in mind that this works only when using an email address or credit card number that you have never used before with Paypal.

Trouble with PayPal? Call them at 1 (888) 221-1161  (US)

Why can't I hear both sides of the demos? Check your speaker connector(s). All of our tracks and demos have audio on both sides of the stereo mix.

Sometimes a different title appears in my cart than the one I clicked on?  Please log in first, then add items to your cart. Make sure you've registered on the site - if not click here.

I haven't been able to download my tracks and I ordered them over 24 hours ago? Please check to make sure you have paid for your order.  Then check if you have given us your correct email address.  Then check your spam or trash.  If there is still a problem please contact us so we can resolve the issue quickly.

The song I purchased is NOT in the key that it says it's in.  Keep in mind that the first chord of a song is not always the key of that song. If there is an error in the key listing of one of our tracks please contact us

Is there a count-off at the beginning of each song? Yes:  a 2-measure "stick-click" count-off before each fast song and a 1-measure count-off before slow songs.

What if the original song did not have drums or bass in the beginning?  There is a hi-hat, ride cymbal, or an appropriate percussion track to musically keep time until the drums (or drums and  bass) come in.

How can I playback these tracks as a mono mix?
- Use "Y" cord out from your source then send both channels to the board but don't pan. 
- Use a free program called Audacity to export each track into mono.  

Do you offer chord charts, arrangements sheets, or "tabs" for your tracks? No. But, know that all tracks emulate the artist who's version we have listed. Check or contact us with any questions you may have.

I need at track in a different key? If you need the bass in a different key, please use this link and specify the key in the Notes section and it will be emailed to you usually within about 72 hours.  Please note that this is not an automated process.

When you change the key of the bass does it affect the speed?  Does is change the sound of the drums? No, and no.

What if I ordered a song in the wrong key? No problem. Just let us know your order number and your preferred key and if it's in our catalog we will email it to you at no charge. If not already in our catalog, please use this link.

Do your "drum-only" tracks have the bass mixed in with them? No.

Do you offer songs with the keyboard, piano, strings, rhythm guitar, background vocals, etc? No. Except for I NEED YOU NOW by Lady Antebellum that has piano and HIT THE GROUND RUNNING by Keith Urban that has banjo.

Are these tracks the "long version" or "radio version"? Most tracks were recorded following the "long version" such as "Radar Love", "Free Bird", "Black Magic Woman". "Stairway To Heaven", "Jesus Of Suburbia", "Key To Highway". "Kashmir", "Do You Feel Like We Do", "Paradise By The Dashboard Light", "Deacon Blues", "Scenes From An Italian Restaurant", "Suite Judy Blue Eyes", "Wild Horses", "Sultans Of Swing", "Money" (Pink Floyd), "Hotel California", "Purple Rain" etc.   Please contact us with any questions you may have before ordering.

Can I download these tracks then burn the songs onto a regular Audio CD that will play in my home stereo or portable player? Yes. 

Are all the tracks mastered with even volumes from track to track? Yes.  If you feel that there is a problem please contact us.

Mp3 only? Our tracks are mixed in the .mp3 format but you may request a mix as a .wav file if you state your intended usage.  The cost for each 44.1 kHz / 24 bit .wav file is $12.50 each if for home use.  If for commercial use, please give as many details as possible included units sold and a quote will be sent to you.  Please keep in mind our licensing agreement which can be found by clicking here.

I purchased and downloaded your Drum and Bass Tracks but when I play them back I only hear drums and no bass. Is there something wrong? No. Please check your speaker connections.

What about songs that "fade out" on the original recording? For songs that originally "faded out" there are distinct endings that are easy to follow and perform with. 

Do you take requests? Yes. Click here for more information.

What is your license agreement with end-users? The licensing agreement can be found by clicking here

Can I use your tracks to record an album that I am going to sell? Not without written permission from us first. Please read the Terms of Service and feel free to contact us to negotiate usage of our tracks.  

Do you offer gift certificates? Yes. Gift coupon codes of any amount can be purchased by contacting us

What happened to Girl Of The Month?   Contact us with your specific questions.

What year was the hi-hat invented? Around 1926 by Barney Walberg.  (Is anyone reading this?...)

Do you record custom drum and bass tracks for original songs?  Contact us with your specific questions.

Are you the same "Jim McCarty" who played drums for the Yardbirds?  No, nor am I related.  My recording and performance credits can be found by clicking here.